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Julie Cook Kitchener February 15, 2021
Hi everyone,

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Kotler and Zaltman's seminal 1971 paper, which introduced the field of social marketing. To celebrate, the Ireland-based Whitaker Institute will be facilitating a virtual webinar on February 19th at 9:30am GMT, in which experts will share the latest developments in the field. This is the first webinar in a three-part series that uses behavioural and systems science, research evidence, practical insights, case studies and examples to explore the complex links between our environment, our health and well-being, and our future.

If you're interested, please click here to register and see the speaker biographies below. 

Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele is a social marketer. She founded Social Marketing @ Griffith, which is the largest university based group of social marketers in the world. Sharyn has led projects that have changed behaviours for 10,000's of people in areas including health, the environment, and complex social issues. Sharyn has led programs that have increased healthy eating, changed adolescent attitudes to alcohol consumption, reduced food waste, and many more. All of the programs she leads are underpinned by co-design.

Professor Maria Raciti is a social marketer who is passionate about educational equity. Maria is a Director of the Indigenous and Transcultural Research Centre, an Adjunct Fellow with the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education and was part of an Australian Government departmental task force assisting with the 2019 National, Regional, Rural, and Remote Tertiary Education Strategy. Maria is regularly engaged as an expert advisor, and her research projects have produced meaningful and impactful outcomes.