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Julie Cook Kitchener Dec 14, 2021 19:24 pm
Hi all,

Behavioural Scientist has an excellent list of behavioural science-related books that were published this year. 

Here are a few examples:
  • The behavioural code: The hidden ways the law makes us better or worse
  • Breaking the social media prism: How to make our platforms less polarizing
  • The elements of choice: Why the way we decide matters
  • High conflict: Why we get trapped and how we get out
  • Influence: The psychology of persuasion
  • Mine! How the hidden rules of ownership control our lives
  • Noise: A flaw in human judgment
  • Rationality: What it is, why it seems scarce, why it matters
  • The Social Instinct: How cooperation shaped the world
  • You have more influence than you think: how we underestimate our power of persuasion, and why it matters

To see the full list of books with brief descriptions, visit the Behavioural Scientist website here.