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Doug McKenzie-Mohr Victoria June 6, 2022 18:24 pm
Registration ends Friday, June 17th for my June 20-22 virtual community-based social marketing workshop for North America. This workshop is held virtually over Zoom and consists of three four-hour sessions spread over three consecutive days. These sessions occur at a convenient time for attendees from across North America and are very well evaluated, without the cost, inconvenience, and emissions associated with in-person training. Here are several anonymous evaluations from recent workshops:

  • Most valuable workshop/training I've EVER attended!
  • Completely transformed my approach to my work.
  • By far, the best workshop I've attended - on any topic!!!
  • The CBSM training was riveting throughout.
  • Fantastic. Simply invaluable.
To learn more about the North America workshop, click here.


Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Ph.D.
Founder, Community-based Social Marketing