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Julie Cook Kitchener November 10, 2023
Hi all,
I've just discovered a social and behavioural change (SBC) resource published by UNICEF that includes a lot of useful information in it for behaviour change professionals. Not only does it describe the SBC approach specifically, it also includes helpful information related to understanding human behaviour, systems thinking and human rights-based approaches to behaviour change, how to encourage supportive public policies, how to design services that are accessible, usable and valuable, the ins and outs of community engagement, applied behavioural science, and so much more. There are also case studies for each section and links to more information.
One interesting feature is the Behavioural Drivers Model (BDM), which is on page 3 of The Fundamentals of SBC section. This model aggregates many other behaviour change models to focus in on three important levers of change: Psychological, Social, and Environmental.
If you'd like to learn more, I've attached the full document for your reference.