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Julie Cook Kitchener Nov 15, 2023 13:55 pm
Hi everyone,
I’d like to introduce you to an interesting book called Transformative Incrementalism: A Journey to Sustainability. The book is about the way that practical progress toward sustainable development is made on the ground in municipalities, and how incremental shifts can lead to transformative change over time. It also grapples with the question of how to make changes incrementally while at the same time addressing the urgent climate and ecological crises. The examples given are from Canada, but the lessons learned can be transferable to urban areas around the world. 
Here is a bit of commentary on the book: 
“Sustainable development is grounded in change: whether it’s changing how we build our communities, how we design our transportation networks, grow our food, or build our homes. Current planning theories have a lot to say about how planning occurs, but not about how change occurs. This book introduces…a theory that explains the social processes involved in supporting innovative changes in sustainable communities of the future…Transformative Incrementalism provides new perspectives on pursuing sustainability during major changes in our communities. The book features a wonderful set of case studies of practice in transforming cities, ranging from redeveloping downtown Vancouver to implementing community gardens. Rob Buchan’s extensive municipal experience is supplemented by the distinguished case study contributors, who are change masters in several fields of practice.”
Transformative Incrementalism is $34.60 CDN and it can be shipped to many different countries. 
If you’d like to learn more about the book or purchase it, you can do that here