Global Action Plan Community Lifestyles Campaign

Gershon, D. & Gilman, R. (1991). Household ecoteam workbook: A six month program to bring your household into environmental balance. Uxbridge, Ontario:
The Global Action Plan (GAP) Community Lifestyles Campaign is targeted at households. A group of friends or neighbors get together eight times over 4 months. At each of these meetings they work through a chapter of the straightforward Household Ecoteam Handbook. Chapters cover such topics as energy efficiency, transportation, water conservation and waste reduction. Each chapter includes a variety of actions that households can take to reduce their environmental impact. Members rotate chairing these meetings and a member from another ecoteam that has already completed the workbook serves as a volunteer coach. Each Ecoteam is responsible for creating two other ecoteams. In the United States 40 to 50% of individuals who are asked to attend a first Ecoteam meeting agree to do so, of which approximately 85% continue with the process.

In the United States on average households that participate in Ecoteams produce 42% less garbage, use 25% less water, produce 16% less CO2, and use 16% less fuel for transportation. These households also saved annually $400 U.S. Similar positive impacts have been experienced by other countries in which the GAP operates. More information on this case can be found here.
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