Seattle’s Just One Trip Phase II

Seattle’s Just One Trip campaign aims to get residents to reduce the number of drive-alone trips they make on a weekly basis, replacing them with green travel alternatives including: walking, biking, telecommuting, ride sharing, or riding transit. While phase one of this program focused on raising awareness around alternative modes of transportation through a far-reaching ad campaign, phase two was implemented to move residents towards a change in behavior, with a goal of recruiting 15,000 participants and motivating them to shift a total of 400,000 drive-alone trips to an alternate mode of travel. Using propensity modeling software, phase two targeted members of the population most likely to adopt an alternate form of transportation, and results from surveys administered to individuals within this demographic influenced the creation of targeted outreach materials used for recruitment. Mailings, click to convert ad campaigns, and outreach events used in conjunction with commitments and incentives succeeded in motivating 21,162 people to pledge to try a new mode of travel, resulting in a reduction of 861,621 annualized drive-alone trips in the region, as measured by a Washington State Dept. of Transportation.

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