Chicago’s Go Program

Chicago’s Go Program was designed to help residents walk, bike, ride transit, and use bike share more frequently while driving alone less often. Outside of promoting alternative forms of transportation, a main goal of this campaign was to create programming that was inclusive and accessible. To achieve this goal, the program targeted five neighborhoods based on information about available transportation options, active community organizations, ethnic diversity, median income level, community marginalization, and other metrics. Interviews conducted at the beginning of each neighborhood campaign provided insights about the barriers that kept residents from using alternative modes of transport, allowing campaign organizers to customize the messaging, branding, and events created for each community. Over the course of four months, participants had access to personalized transportation resource kits, group activities, and free personal support provided by members of the community acting as program ambassadors – all of which were resources designed to establish new community norms and stimulate habit formation. On average, 65% of post-program survey respondents reported increased walking, biking, or transit usage because of the program, and positive program results led the City of Chicago to designate funding for additional neighborhoods in the future.

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