Antibiotics: Let’s Sound the Alarm!

Developed as part of Luxembourg’s National Antibiotic Plan (2018 – 2022), Antibiotics: Let’s Sound the Alarm, was a campaign developed to promote the responsible use of antibiotics by raising awareness on the danger of the mass use of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine. Previous research revealed an uptick in antibiotic prescriptions during the winter, leading program developers to time the launch of this campaign with the arrival of the winter season – timing that also coincided with the European Antibiotic Information Day (November 19). To increase program effectiveness, the campaign aimed to engage stakeholders from a variety of sectors including healthcare workers, pharmacists, patients, veterinarians, farmers, and the general public. Designed to address a lack of knowledge around what illnesses antibiotics can successfully treat, materials were developed to target each of these stakeholder groups, emphasizing the importance of using antibiotics carefully and responsibly in order to ensure that they remain effective against severe bacterial infections. Campaign materials covered a number of topics ranging from tips to facilitate recovery from cold and flu, to the importance of hand washing and the dangers of antibiotic resistance. Communication materials came in the form of posters, leaflets, flyers, and videos, all of which were produced in several languages and made available through social media platforms and a campaign landing page.

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