Barcelona is full blooded

In conjunction with hosting World Blood Donor Day in 2010, Barcelona launched the Barcelona is full blooded campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of donating blood. In addition to raising awareness, the campaign also sought to thank current donors for their contributions and encourage young people to become donors. To do this, campaign developers worked to establish a culture of public-spiritedness in which blood donation would become viewed as a normal, “everyday” activity rather than a rare altruistic action. This sentiment is reflected in the campaign’s main message “being full blooded”, which means getting involved and taking part. Further appealing to younger audiences, the campaign developed an icon to signify donations, drawing inspiration for the design from comic book art. After identifying social networks as an ideal platform for connecting with younger audiences, campaign developers created a Facebook application that allowed users to connect with one another based on blood type and receive real-time information on reserves for each blood type. A website for the campaign was also created to house news about the campaign as well as promotional materials including posters, flyers, banners, logos, and merchandising material. Campaign promotion was achieved through booths at popular music festivals, the creation of an original comic book, raffles for limited edition footwear and streetwear designed by a popular fashion firm, and bus shelters featuring campaign artwork created by young artists. Popular television programs also ran special episodes highlighting the campaign and Football Club Barcelona filmed a video encouraging blood donation in addition to broadcasting the schedule for upcoming blood drives on the scoreboard during matches.

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