Deliver Life

Deliver Life was a campaign implemented in Malawi to emphasize the importance of practicing and sustaining good hygiene practices like hand washing with soap, using latrines properly and keeping them clean, safe treatment and storage of water, food hygiene, and safe healthcare waste management. Before campaign development began formative research was conducted to gather insight on the target behaviors. This data was then used by the creative team to craft a campaign tagline and creative materials that would inspire individuals to engage in the desired behaviors. Due to high rates of hospital acquired infections in Malawi, healthcare workers were selected as the campaign’s primary target, with the general public identified as a secondary target.  Branding for the campaign consisted of a tagline, logo, and theme song, while educational materials/strategies promoting good hygiene practices included manuals to guide community discussions, training sessions for healthcare workers and volunteers, radio shows, and games. Each radio segment ended with a quiz question to be answered via SMS or a call-in question and answer session – both of which were used to assess listener understanding of campaign messages. Supported by local government, the campaign’s official launch was timed to align with Global Handwashing Day, and featured performances by popular comedians to further attract public attention.  The Deliver Life project team worked closely with local partners throughout the implementation of the campaign to ensure that efforts were not being duplicated and that the initiative could be easily taken over by local organizations to ensure long-term success. In the first two years of implementation, the Deliver Life project delivered programming and infrastructure in 10 health care centers and the clean campaign had reached 123,905 people with hygiene messages and actions.

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