Experience Food at Work

Implemented at the Breckland District Council offices in Norfolk, England, Experience Food at Work was a pilot initiative designed to improve workplace eating behaviors, encouraging staff to eat more fruits and vegetables and take lunch away from their workstation. After a literature review confirmed that the workplace was an ideal setting for this pilot program, the design team began laying the foundation for program design by conducting cellphone-based research probes, one on one staff interviews with District Council employees, and online questionnaires sent to all District Council staff to better understand the culture of the workplace.  Research findings were brought to a group of stakeholders who used the data to design five intervention strategies that were tested as part of the pilot: an honesty fruit bowl system, a visiting chef, a healthy lunch pack delivery service, health and nutrition sessions with a dietician, and a redesign of the staff room’s eating area. Regular blog posts, newsletter updates, office posters, and presentations at monthly staff meetings were used to promote the program, which ran over the course of nine weeks. Online surveys, questionnaires, and figures from lunch pack delivery and fruit sales were used to gauge the impact of the pilot intervention. One year after Experience Food at Work was launched, data revealed that the number of people who ate no fruit at work had reduced by half and the percentage of employees who ate lunch at their desk each day had dropped from 41% pre-pilot to 29% post-pilot. 
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