Andrew Smith October 6, 2005

Hello listserve members,

In Tasmania we are looking at developing a program that recognises gardeners who consider and encourage wildlife to use their gardens (Gardens for Wildlife working title). The primary aims are to identify that attitude and behaviour as desirable and normal (norms), make that behaviour visible (diffusion), encourage others to do the same, so that nature conservation is seen as much more "in my backyard" physically and philosophically. There are a whole heap of other behaviours that can be fostered and grow form this program - chemical-free gardening, water conservation, conversion to native plants, protection of remnant native forests in parklands and so on. There are some obvious CBSM elements to go into this program (norms, prompts, commitments). I am however keen to hear about anyone who has done barrier and benefits surveying for behaviour and motivations related to environmentally-friendly gardening. Can anyone point me to papers/reports on this research more so than examples of programs?

Andrew Smith

Manager Community Partnerships
Resource Management & Conservation Division
DPIWE Tasmania