Unknown March 10, 2006

As many institutions and non-profits are doing these days, our zoo is thinking of distributing a list of environmentally responsible behaviors (ERBs) to our visitors, both on-grounds and via our website. There are a number of ERB lists out there, disseminated by various zoos, aquaria, environmental organizations, etc. But I want to do the homework first. I'd be interested in finding out the following things from other groups that have created lists of green behaviors for the public: *What criteria did you use to choose your recommended activities? *Do you limit your recommendations to areas where you have the most credibility (in the case of a zoo, for instance, it would be in wildlife conservation and maybe habitat protection)? *Is your list backed by good science, i.e. does it represent activities that will have the most impact on the environment? *Does it include only entry-level behaviors? *Is it targeted to a specific subset of your total audience (like educated mothers)? *Does anyone know of any good research that shows that such lists actually lead to real behavior changes?

Thanks, all.
Liz Forrestal

Interpretive Exhibits Coordinator
Saint Louis Zoo
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