Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp Chicago May 30, 2008

Evaluating the short term impact of environmental education with numbers and statistics I am currently working on developing measurable objective results for an environmental education and leadership program for middle school students. I want to show positive impacts that an environmental education/leadership curriculum has on students over the course of that year. I have found several long term studies, but I would like to find resources to measure the immediate impacts (with in a school year) of this type of education that we can use to show families, donors and the public. Particularly I would be interested in seeing if there are any programs, studies or tools showing links between environmental education/leadership development and increased academic performance, healthier behavior and lifestyle choices, social and emotional development (including community and civic engagement) and personal self sufficiency. I am also hoping that we could use this as an organizational tool to measure our effectiveness in providing high quality educational programs and to improve on the programs we currently offer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aaron Schreiber Stainthorp

Leaders in the Making
Program Coordinator
For Love of Children