Catherine Sims June 30, 2008


I work for an organisation called CRed Suffolk. I am looking at ways to engage community groups in carbon reduction schemes. I am keen to engage in different ways: so far we have been at community events such as village fetes and farmers markets (handing out energy saving light bulbs and offering advice), we have spoken at school assemblies and have presented at community forums, we have assisted communities in finding out their carbon footprints. I would really like to know of any innovative schemes (with small budgets) that people may have been involved in. I am most interested in good quality engagement and not necessarily quantity. (as in loads of people but not time to really speak with people). I know the master composting scheme has worked well, I wander if there is such a scheme for Climate change "masters" .. OR any scheme that gets people actively involved.

Thank you very much
Kind regards

Kate Sims
Suffolk CRed Officer
Telephone: 07956257726