Saundra Edwards December 6, 2008

Thanks to all of you,

We need a series of behavioral modifying apothegms for some banners that will be used at some green collar events. The banners will be used to help direct people to the appropriate entrances on campuses, in parks, and on town squares. The events are to help the general public to become aware of what is available to assist them in their quest to become more carbon neutral, energy independent, and provide a healthier place for those that live after we are gone. We hope to bring the new technologies, products and ideas out of the garage onto main street and the town squares of America. We want to bring things out of the class rooms, labs, research departments and brain trusts and put it out for the public to see what is happening and what is in the works for the future. We are looking for completely new ideas to get people to think about what they are getting ready to see. A few examples are presented. We would also like to acknowledge who the apothegms are from, with your permission that is.


Find A Friend That's Not too Far, Drive together in one car.
Elaine G.

Firetrucks wait on trains.


Everyone lives down stream.


It's Good to b(eco)me carried away
This is found on the reusable bags at half price book stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas

Let's do it the smart sustainable way.
Josh Y.


Pollution shows no partiality.
Vinodh V.


Remember to pillage before the landfill gets it.
Don B.

Environmental debate

Miners don't argue when the canary dies.

Hopefully the above examples will get the creative juices flowing. We want a hundred banners but our needs are probably less than that. As one motivator suggested if you will just want less you will probably find you need less. [ Josh Y. ]

Ken Gooch

1612 Westcrest
Arlington, Texas 76013