Marcus Ballantyne Auckland February 16, 2009

One of our challenges is how to manage growth. Do you know of any good examples that are documented in journal papers or reports (eg compact cities, incorporating green areas, safety, low impact design as part of good urban form etc, quality urban development, minimising transportation distances, multi-modal transport, establishing local communities facilities / ammenities (so one does not have to drive 5 km to the mall etc) and/or reviews of how to achieve in practice (eg not theory; where it has been undertaken in practice)?

Also appreciated are papers or reports aboaut integration and how to achieve it (eg, transport - growth - health - public safety etc; integrated floodplain management - flood protection/mitgation - economic use - ecosystem use etc). Furthermore, info on how these urban forms improve urban quality of life and are more financially viable; less environmental footprint etc

marcus ballantyne
New Zealand