Rebecca Thistlethwaite Richvale Jul 20, 2010 12:56 pm

Does anybody have experience using any on-line carpool organizing programs? I am considering using some sort of on-line program for employees at my office to be able to easily organize carpools on a daily basis, something flexible and easy to use. I am concerned that we would invest in this program but people would not use it and in order to be effective, people have to enter in their schedules and carpool needs on a regular basis- their has to be a critical mass of people using it. The other thing is that about 50% of the employees are our company don't use computers on a regular basis. Is there a program that would send text messages to their cell phones to let them know where a potential ride is or person to carpool with?

Rebecca Thistlethwaite
Environmental Coordinator
Lundberg Family Farms
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