Frances Forsyth Wellington September 26, 2010

Wellington, New Zealand has a compact CBD situated between a harbour and a green belt. Native freshwater fish (Galaxiidae) migrate through the stormwater system between the harbour and the streams in the green belt in order to complete their life cycle. Five issues affect the health of the fish in the pipes: people urinate and vomit on the footpath and this goes into the stormwater system, shop owners wash their shop frontages (due to urine & vomit) with hot water and detergent that goes into the storm water system, Police confiscate liquor being drunk illegally on the streets & pour it into the stormwater system and thousands of cigarette butts also go down the drain. We would like to instigate an education programme to inform all of the stakeholders without unduly alienating key people.
Any suggestions on how to approach this?

Frances Forsyth
Greater Wellington Regional Council
New Zealand