sean magee Toronto November 8, 2010

I am working for Stewardship Ontario, a waste management organization specializing in Blue Box (regular recycling) and HHW (hazardous household waste) all across Ontario.

We are beginning an awareness and education program in schools. We are trying to reach youth from Kindergarten to grade 12. Our focus is raising awareness about HHW waste management. Our difficulty is that youth tend not to interact with these types of waste in their daily life, and we aren't able to use physical examples because they are hazardous. Ensuring we reach our audience with a meaningful message is key, but quite difficult given the above issues.

I'm looking for creative hands-on activities that can be used in schools to help raise awareness of the significance of HHW waste management and encourage youth to value waste management.

Sean Magee
Promotion and Education Coordinator
Stewardship Ontario

sean magee
Sustainable Schools Coordinator
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