Raquel Ketterman Cumberland March 14, 2012

Our City (Cumberland, MD) has been awarded a grant to do some public outreach in regards to tree planting on private property. That is the good news, but I have a challenge ahead to pick out a great intern to assist us with the research part of our program.

We are using the CBSM http://www.cbsm.com/public/world.lasso model and am expected to hire an intern to get into our community and identify barriers to residential tree planting. Once the barriers are identified, we will design a pilot program to address those barriers.

What I am in particular need of right now is a template job description for the intern position. Our local DNR office mentioned that instead of reinventing the wheel why not contact other professionals that may have already conducted an outreach program that requires intern hiring.

Its a long shot, but would anyone have such a job description example?

thank you, Raquel

Raquel Ketterman
City of Cumberland
United States