Steven Bromley Pontyprodd Sep 13, 2013 5:35 am

Hello all.

The organisation I am working for is applying for a large funding bid to undertake a pilot health/environment project, see below for info.
I have been tasked with completing the consultation phase of the research, this includes a questionnaire and focus groups where I will investigating:
What motivates people?
What are the barriers to participation?
How to engage people?
What do people think of the project idea and technologies we will be using?

To help complete the research we are looking for similar project that have used behaviour change/social marketing so we can draw from past experiences and to back up the project we are proposing.
So if anyone knows of or have worked on similar projects please can you email me documents or links.

Thanks for your help

Lack of physical exercise is costing the Welsh Government 23% of its annual budget (£420m). Six of Wales' seven local Health Boards are predicting a combined deficit of around £230m this financial year (2012/2013). A recent study for the Welsh government estimated obesity was costing the NHS in Wales £73m a year. A new NHS report has estimated the overall cost of mental health problems in Wales at £7.2 billion a year.
Physical inactivity and sedentary living are among the leading causes of chronic disease, ill-health and death in Wales. Obesity amongst children and adults in Wales has increased to an extraordinarily high level and leading to an epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes and other conditions related to weight gain and sedentary living. These conditions have an enormous personal and financial cost yet they are largely preventable if people change their behaviour and become physically active.

Groundworks Go-Green4Health (GG4H) programme is a Community Prescription of physical activity designed to prevent ill health and improve the management of chronic conditions including; Obesity; Diabetes type 2; Depression; Cancer; Alzheimers and Chronic Heart Disease. GG4H combines Groundworks local engagement expertise with innovative approaches to delivering physical activity interventions, embedded in the community and using its natural environment. The pilots offer personalised choices for individuals, families and communities to engage, design, develop and sustain healthier lives and create a better place to live.
The pilots will have three principal components:
Community Engagement GG4H Coaches working with the most sedentary people from disadvantaged communities.
Medical General Practice training inclusive of all staff (from receptionists to Doctor) designed to increase physical activity in the natural environment for patients with long term conditions.
Implementation of a Green Passport- Smart card Technology to measure the cost benefits to a Local Health Board (LHB) of physical activity in a natural setting.

Steven Bromley