Julie Cook Location June 25, 2020

Hi all,

I've just stumbled across a recent Washington Post article from a black scientist and writer, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, who explains one way in which racism and the climate crisis are linked: "Racism, injustice and police brutality are awful on their own, but are additionally pernicious because of the brain power and creative hours they steal from us". She explains that black Americans are very concerned about the climate crisis, yet they are distracted in their efforts to solve it because they must continually justify their existence.

As a white scholar and activist working in the socio-behavioural change and environmental sustainability fields, this reminds me of my responsibility to be "actively anti-racist", and in so doing, perhaps I will free up a bit of space for my black colleagues in the same fields to press on with our important work. Here's the link to the article. 

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