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Julie Cook Kitchener November 26, 2020 20:23 pm

Hi everyone,

For any of you that are working on food-related issues, you may already know that cooking from home has increased significantly since COVID (Statista, 2020; Acosta, 2020). This move to more complex cooking is a fantastic opportunity for those in the behaviour change field to encourage the maintenance of those behaviours post-COVID. Citizens are looking for ways to cook healthy meals faster, and to have a variety of meals in their repertoire (Acosta, 2020).

I've found a few different resources that might be helpful. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a number of tips on how to best plan meals, and they provide a sample 2-week menu that is quite useful. The Irish non-profit, SafeFood, has a high quality website with many 'how to" instructions, including "How to make a meal plan"; "How to get ahead with batch cooking"; "How to cook for a healthy diet", and "How to avoid wasting food". They also have a number of 15-30 minute healthy dinner recipes. Finally, consider following (or encouraging others to follow) two leading Instagram accounts on cooking during COVID: @socialdishtancing and @noleftovers. Enjoy!