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Liz Foote Maui March 30, 2021
Just came across this on Twitter via @SMGriffith1; there is an open-access online course available called "Behaviour Change for Conservation."

You can find it here.

"This open-access online course has been specifically developed to guide behavioural change practitioners, social marketers, communicators, and anyone else looking to develop or implement a behavioural change intervention for conservation gain.
The course is spilt into five modules. You can navigate directly to a specific module should you choose.
MODULE 1: Outline and overview of opportunities
MODULE 2: Designing messaging for impact: framing, priming, and timing
MODULE 3: Choosing the right messenger
MODULE 4: Identifying mechanisms for impact: behavioural theories, models, and frameworks for change
MODULE 5: Insight to inform approaches, research to guide adaptive management, impact measurement"