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Julie Cook Kitchener Oct 19, 2021 21:01 pm
Hi everyone,

Time magazine recently published an article featuring the legendary conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, and how she uses storytelling as a way to engage people in changing the way they treat animals and the planet. Dr. Goodall believes that the way to change people's behaviour is by motivating them through emotions rather than through the intellect. In her new podcast, Hopecast, she states, "If one wants to change attitudes, you have to reach the heart. You can reach the heart by telling stories, not by arguing with people’s intellects."

Rather than referring to terrifying UN climate reports, Dr. Goodall talks about her experiences and in so doing, fosters a sense of hope that significant changes can be made to tackle climate change and restore the natural world. 

Here are some examples of her podcast topics:

  • Hope is communities leading conservation change (Emmanuel Mtiti)
  • Hope is fostering curiosity and sparking imagination (Janet Hayes)
  • Hope is finding adventure and uncovering truth (John Simpson)
  • Hope is preserving the Earth's lungs (Dan Springer)
  • Hope is courage and taking action together (Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson)

You can check out Hopecast here.