Woodside Gets Active

Woodside Gets Active was a three-month-long campaign that aimed to increase physical activity amongst parents and their children in Woodside (UK), an area known for having high levels of obesity. Before launching the program in 2008, program planners did extensive research with children and their parents via focus groups, impromptu interviews, and questionnaires in order to better understand attitudes connected to physical activity. To ensure that the program would be appropriate for the target audiences, Woodside residents were recruited to help with the design of campaign materials and activities, as well as provide insights into what activities to promote and when and where they should take place. A public event featuring all of the partners who contributed to the project marked the official launch of the campaign. Activities available during the campaign included a program offering weekly guided walks, swimming at the local pool, and exercise and running classes hosted by local health and fitness clubs. Each of these activities was paired with various discounts and promotional offers, increasing accessibility and encouraging participation. To promote offers and activities, Woodside Gets Active developed a communications campaign that included the use of radio and print media news releases, mail cards, posters, leaflets, beer mats, banners, and taxi ads. Feedback from activity sessions, leisure facility usage data, follow-up questionnaires, and GIS data all worked to measure program impact. Forty percent of questionnaire respondents reported an increase in physical activity levels, with sixty percent stating that they would continue to remain active even after the campaign ended. GIS and facility usage data showed an increase in pool and gym usage with leisure center visits increasing from 12,092 pre-campaign to 20,062 one year after the campaign ended.

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