Capitol Hill In Motion

Created in King County, Washington, Capitol Hill In Motion was a campaign designed to encourage car users and car-owning households in communities where 70% of people were already commuting using alternative modes of transport, to further reduce their number of drive-alone trips. Before developing campaign strategies, King County Metro Transit researched, identified, and interviewed local stakeholders and business leaders in target neighborhoods to better understand the communities’ needs as well uncover barriers and motivators connected to the use of alternative modes of transport. Timed to follow the rollout of a highly anticipated Link Light rail route, a 12-week outreach campaign launched in May 2016, utilizing campaign materials such as gas station advertising, chalk street stencils, and Facebook ads that were designed to showcase young urbanites using transportation options and highlighting popular incentives like transit passes and FitBits. Guerilla street teams were employed to sign up residents at neighborhood hotspots, and mailers were used to target 10,000 households within a half-mile walking distance of the new light rail station. Individuals who enrolled in the program were sent a customized packet of travel information and bus schedules, and their choice of two incentives – a two-week unlimited transit pass or a tote bag. Participants were encouraged to log their trips online or through mail-in cards and were asked to complete pre and post program surveys, plus an additional legacy survey that was implemented a year after the program concluded. This data in conjunction with transit card data was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, which saw, on average, participants cut drive alone trips by 16%.

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