Seattle Neighborhoods In Motion

Developed by King County Metro (KCM), Seattle Neighborhoods In Motion was designed to work directly with individuals to reduce drive-alone trips being made to a full range of travel destinations across the city, encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport in place of personal vehicles. Using information on land-use, demographics, transit availability, and ridership, KCM was able to select a target neighborhood, and interviews with community and business leaders and guided discussions with community members helped to identify perceptions, barriers, and motivators for individuals living within that target area. Opting to design promotional materials in a playful way, In Motion looked more like a community effort rather than a governmental program, increasing interest and encouraging participation. Prompt posters were placed throughout the community and program packets were mailed to all residents which included a brochure highlighting main motivators identified in the initial research, a walking map of the neighborhood, a pledge card to commit to changing travel behavior, a notepad that prompted individuals to think about their travel choices, and a tear-off form individuals could use to request information on specific travel options. Individuals requesting additional information were given 10 free Metro ride tickets and a free program t-shirt and anyone who made a pledge to change their travel behaviors was enrolled in Club Motion. Club members that reported their trip changes each week could earn additional incentives, become eligible for prize drawings, and request a yard sign that signified their participation in the program. Seattle Neighborhoods In Motion program’s success was measured by its ability to engage residents in evaluating their travel options, influence travel behavior, and develop an easily replicable program. On average, 10% of residents participated and reduced their drive-alone trips by over 20%.

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