Eagle Adventure

Eagle Adventure was developed to prevent type 2 diabetes among youth living in Indian Country through the delivery of culturally relevant programming. Designed for implementation in school classrooms with students in grades 1-3, the goal of the program was to help youth and their families learn that type 2 diabetes can be prevented through healthy eating and physical activity. To communicate these messages, a series of four books were developed featuring wise animal characters that engage the main character and his friends in eating healthy foods and learning from the elders about traditional ways of being healthy. In-classroom lessons and play embrace traditions of Native American storytelling and give students the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and food experiences. Out of the classroom, social marketing components such as radio announcements and newspaper messages were utilized to extend the reach of program messaging, and school announcements and take-home activities encouraged participation from family members at home. A webpage, Not Our Destiny, designed as part of a separate social marketing campaign complemented Eagle Adventure goals through sharing stories of health from Native Americans engaged in healthful activities. Upon completion of the program, students were awarded medals for participation. Focus groups, interviews, and pre- and post-treatment surveys were conducted with students, teachers, and parents to evaluate the impact of the program. Parents reported that program messages were clear, while students showed an increased desire to (1) consume healthy foods and drinks over less healthy food and drinks, and (2) engage in moving activities over sedentary activities. 
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