Elizabeth Kenrick Pembroke January 9, 2007

Currently, our office handles the phone calls for missed recyclable/organics/garbage pick-up, general inquiries regarding our advanced waste management system as well as administrative calls for our operations. We have a full-time employee who is the first to answer the phone. Any calls after that, other office staff will pick-up as they can get to it. Management is pushing for an automated system which I have concerns about. I fully support having an automated system because it would allow my employee to concentrate on other duties and she wouldn't be distracted by the phone. However, I worry about the customer service implications. Are there any studies or has anyone had any experience shifting to a fully automated phone tree and the results on customer service. Recently, a nearby rural Municipality went back to having someone answer the phone because of the high rate of complaints received by elderly residents not being able to operate the automated system.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Elizabeth Graham (nee Kenrick)

Communications Supervisor
Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre
900 Woito Station Road
Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5