Erika Shoemaker December 10, 2008

Hi all,

I work for a non-profit located in Everett, WA called the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation. Currently, we have grant funding from the Dept. of Ecology to talk to streamside landowners about how they can reduce their impact on water quality (and hopefully change their behavior). The watershed that we are currently funded in is polluted by high levels of fecal coliform bacteria so we have catered our questions and conversation with each landowner around this matter. For grant reporting purposes, however, we are required to submit information on how successful our interaction was at changing behavior. Since our funding is limited and we don¹t have time to make a follow up door to door visit, we plan on sending an evaluation via the mail (with the option of using Survey Monkey also). We are struggling with how to get the best response rate from our pre-made contacts and this was what we came up with. Does anyone have any other ideas?

-- Sarah Wilkins