Marc Sugars San Rafael March 1, 2011


I am working on a proposal that will include a number of options for a watershed council to consider implementing that will help make the community more aware of the watershed in which they reside and to take a sense of ownership or pride in the watershed.

The focus of the proposal will be visual cues that can be placed throughout the watershed such as on trash cans or at bus stops that will promote the watershed and the connection to the creek. I have seen examples of creek/watershed signage that is done near creeks, but I think it is important to also have displays or what I am calling "visual cues" at places in the watershed that are further from the creek- which indicates the connection between these places and the creek. I also hope for these cues to direct the onlooker to the website of the watershed council so that they can learn more and possible be inspired to get involved in some degree.

I realize that information alone will unlikely lead to behavioral change but I figure that the foundational understanding of what a watershed is and becoming aware of the name of the watershed that community members are in are important to promote as well. These will help aid efforts in further, more involved campaigns to foster sustainable behavior.

I was wondering two things:

1) are you aware of any campaigns similar to this and if so, what "visual cues" were determined to be particularly successful.

2) what are some messages that can be placed on these cues that would make an impact to the onlooker- both in remembering the name of the watershed and possibly being more aware of how their actions can effect the health of the watershed. I have looked at the website that has been mentioned in the FSCB blogs- Water Words that Work- which has some very useful material.

I was wondering if there was any personal feedback or am also looking for guidance to other research related to this.

Thank you for your time and any feedback would be appreciated.

-Marc Sugars

Marc Sugars
United States