Martin Higgitt Leeds June 16, 2011

We are in the early stages of developing a campaign in Dundee, Scotland to reduce the impact of traffic on air quality on a corridor that suffers from poor air quality levels.
This campaign will include work with local schools and community groups (as major trip generators in the corridor), as well as targeting through traffic using the corridor to access the town centre. This will particuarly focus on eco-driving techniques.
As well as web and radio based messaging, we have the opportunity to utilise billboard space adjacent to the highway.
I'm wondering whether anyone has experience / views on appropriate messaging for drivers and specifically on using billboards where the messaging will clearly have to be very succinct.
I would be interessted if people have examples (and are brave enought to admit it!) where they have used billboards without success.

Martin Higgitt
Associate Director
JMP Consultants Ltd.
United Kingdom