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Jay Kassirer Ottawa February 15, 2012

An increasing number of funders and supervisors are asking for program logic models and impact measurements. While evaluations should be well designed and methodically carried out, they need not be expensive nor time consuming. In this 90-minute introductory webinar, youll find out about different evaluation methods, how evaluation can be carried out with limited resources, and how to incorporate the results of the evaluation to make a better program. You'll learn how to design measurable objectives, logic model and impact measures. You'll hear about the advantages of using control groups and a practical alternative - staggered baseline design. Finally, youll review a mini- case study and get suggestions for further resources on the topic.

When: Friday March 9, 2012, 12:00 to 1:30 Eastern Time.

Suggested audience: Those who want to start conducting impact evaluations and/or have only recently begun to do so.

Registration is $70 at www.webinars.cullbridge.com

Jay Kassirer
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