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Julie Cook Kitchener September 30, 2020

Hi all,

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recently published the Little Book of Green Nudges for sustainability professionals who work in post-secondary institutions. The purpose is to learn how to 'nudge' members of your university or college community, students in particular, to engage in more environmentally sustainable behaviours through the use of positive and gentle persuasive actions. These nudges are based on the psychology of how humans make decisions. The Book explains nudges and provides a framework known as EAST: Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely to help professionals create nudges that will be effective. There are also plenty of case studies throughout. For example, University College in Ireland installed cup washers on campus to make it easier for people to bring reusable mugs. Following that, they saw a 20% increase in reusable cup use! Check out and/or download the Little Book of Green Nudges here