Teresa Prokopanko November 20, 2023
In a number of instances in my work lately, I've had pushback from colleagues saying "Unfortunately, most people will not read signage" and similar. While I accept that in some cases they are correct, this claim both annoys me in how it stymies my efforts and how it is making an assumption that I cannot verify. 

The specific application that has most recently come to mind is cigarette butts being placed in planters instead of the cigarette butt dispenser. We would like the butts to go in the correct location, but it is plain and black and a few steps further away. I suggested signage to direct people to the dispenser and was blocked with "but they won't read". However I suspect that HALF the problem is people are unaware of its presence! Signage won't solve the issue of it being less convenient to access.

Can anybody direct me to experience or research suggesting whether people do, indeed, simply ignore any and all signage?