January 15, 2009

Please use this thread to provide feedback on the new website and digest. I would like to personally thank Justin Kuntz who designed the site and digest and Brian Loomis who performed the data wizardry that allows both to function. Both Justin and Brian spent thousands of hours over the last two years to make the site and digest possible.

Thanks also to Amanda Kilburn who cleaned up and indexed three years of past listserv posts to make that wealth of information available on the new site. For a little additional fun, Amanda also reindexed all of the articles and cases. Without Amanda's indexing efforts the ability to quickly locate all content for a specific behavior, such as car pooling, would not be possible. Finally, thanks to Jan Aceti who has been updating the articles database with new material each month.

We hope you find the new site and digest useful in your work and we look forward to your feedback.

Best, Doug

Doug McKenzie-Mohr
McKenzie-Mohr & Associates Inc.