Raquel Ketterman Cumberland October 4, 2011

I recently attended a workshop on CBSM. The information and concept is amazing and can be applied locally. I am trying to sharpen up on one of the earliest steps in the process - identifying the non-divisible/end-state behavior.

Our program is to increase residential tree planting

To simply get to planting a tree, folks must consider the planting area, appropriate size of tree for the area, select tree species, and finally plant the tree.

I am challenged by selecting the non-divisible/end-state behavior. Would the behavior simply be:

Plant a tree - is a divisible behavior that can be further broken down in to the process required above

Plant a Tulip Poplar tree - is more specific, but there is still selection of the planting area

Plant a Tulip Poplar tree in backyard - even more specific

After coming to the final behavior (direct action), I am challenged with coming up with other behaviors (other than listing other tree species/planting locations).

Could someone who has successfully gone through the process of selecting behaviors please critique my outline above in order to help me move through the CBSM process for the first time.

Thank you.

Raquel Ketterman
City of Cumberland
United States