Gaye Foster December 18, 2007

Hello everyone,

I am a 4th year Bachelor of Psychology student at Central Queensland University in Australia and I will be doing my thesis next year. My topic is based on the research question: Would scientific facts be more persuasive than solution focused information in changing attitudes, beliefs, self-efficacy, intention to act and perception of risk in relation to climate change? What I mean is that I am interested in finding out which type of message (i.e. facts or solutions) might be most persuasive in changing people's attitudes and therefore their behaviour towards climate change. My reason for this is because this seems to be the two types of information that are most prevalent in the media. I am seeking some measures or scales that have validity and reliability for self-efficacy, attitudes, intention to act and risk perception in relation to climate change. If anyone is familiar with any research, theories or measures that might be relevant or help me in any way I would be most grateful.

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