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Julie Cook Kitchener Aug 18, 2020 15:45 pm

Hi everyone,

Last year, the World Bank published a report entitled "Behavioral science around the world: Profiles of 10 countries". They provide details on what these 10 countries are doing to incorporate behavioural insights into their programs and policies. They cover a wide range of activities, including: tackling food waste, increasing organ donations, increasing accurate recycling rates, encouraging online tax filing, and increasing immunisation rates. These are just a few examples. It is impressive to see the difference that behavioural science is making in governments around the world and it will be interesting to see how this behaviour change approach matures over time (most countries have opened up behavioural insights units within the past 5-7 years). The 10 countries profiled are: Australia, Canada, USA, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Peru, Singapore and the UK. The report is attached.