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Julie Cook Kitchener Dec 12, 2023 19:15 pm
Hi all,
If you’re looking for information on how to run a social media for behaviour change campaign, the International Federation of the Red Cross and USAID have teamed up to provide a toolkit for you. The toolkit is designed for practitioners who are working in the areas of disaster preparedness/risk reduction, but it is applicable to anyone seeking to influence behaviour through social media. More specifically, the social media toolkit can help you to do the following with respect to your priority group:
  • Educate and raise awareness
  • Empower
  • Develop skills
  • Share social norms
  • Connect 
  • Call to action

The toolkit is divided into nine sections, all of which are downloadable. There are also plenty of related resources to click on besides the toolkit (e.g. how to use social media for market research; messaging map for social media; social platforms cheat sheet, etc).
You can access the toolkit here