Social Marketing to Newcomers

Kelven Goodridge Toronto Dec 7, 2005 21:27 pm
Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has information concerning what social marketing methods have been successful when trying to encourage newcomers (be they immigrants or r…

Solar Energy Grants

John White Amherst Dec 7, 2005 21:27 pm
I am among a group of parents working to get a 50KW photovoltaic system installed on a school in Hadley. An application for funding from Mass. Technology Collaborative is going to…

New Taiwan Recycling Policies Begin in January 2006

Bob Hollis El Dorado Hills Dec 6, 2005 17:26 pm
Includes potential application of RFID technology. For more info on RFID Recycling Applications and Impact see New (Taiwan) EPA policies set to begin in …

Suzuki Foundation

nnapp Dec 6, 2005 14:48 pm
Here's a link that may interest you: Awareness is the first step. N.

Seeking Challenging Behaviour Change Role in Canada

Ewen Macgregor Dec 5, 2005 12:44 pm
Dear all, I am a Behaviour Change Professional from Australia, currently on a sabbatical in the UK and would like to work in Canada (preferably Vancouver or BC). My recent wor…

Life Cycle Posters

LSpangler Dec 4, 2005 18:16 pm
I remember someone asking for life cycle information earlier this season. Here is a shortcut to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's website with some educational m…

Barriers to Sustainable Housing

Sue Baker Brisbane Dec 2, 2005 7:53 am
Hi I'd like to list an item on Listserv regarding barriers to sustainable housing. "Brisbane City Council has introduced a Sustainable Housing Rebate. Under the program Coun…

Healthy Money, Healthy Planet

Greg Bennett Amberley Nov 30, 2005 20:39 pm
I recently finished a book well worth reading - Healthy Money, Healthy Planet by Deidre Kent. I found it interesting and easy to read. It opened up a whole new aspect of the probl…

A Story from Grist Magazine

Remy Rodden Whitehorse Nov 30, 2005 20:38 pm
I thought you might be interested in this feature in Grist Magazine: Things of Desire, by Marc Stoiber. Making sustainability sexy, from an ad man's point of view. http://grist.o…

Question on Surveying

Barbara Plummer Portland Nov 30, 2005 16:00 pm
I have a question about surveys, random samples, etc and the validity of survey data. Our group does a pretty well rounded community based social marketing effort on changing tran…
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