Hybrid Vehicle vs Conventional Vehicles- Savings Calculator

waverley parsons Oct 12, 2005 17:02 pm
Good Morning all, I am currently looking at the feasibility of introducing more hybrid vehicles to the Council vehicle fleet. I am taking into account- cost and fuel savings,…

Promoting Consumer Commitment to Local Food

Alain Godbout Halifax Oct 12, 2005 16:47 pm
Would you know of literature, case studies or any resources for promoting consumer commitment to purchasing local agricultural products? Local food products require much less fue…

Motivators and Barriers to Compliance with Environmental Legislation

Sabrina Kemp Ottawa Oct 12, 2005 15:16 pm
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there could point me to any research that has been conducted or relevant case studies that address the motivators and barriers t…

New Topic - Connecting with "Simple Living" Movement

Zanna Joyce Winnipeg Oct 12, 2005 14:27 pm
Hello everyone: I have been working with a client group who are interested in the concept of simple living, spiritual awareness, and what not. This movement is all about not…

Re: Efficiency Workshops v Home Audits for Disadvantaged Households

Unknown Oct 8, 2005 17:15 pm
Brenda: While not directly relevant, you might want to take a look at the work of Glen Pleasance from Durham Region in Ontario, Canada on outdoor water efficiency. Glen has c…

Looking for Leads Re. Sustainable Development Textbook

gsutter Oct 7, 2005 14:48 pm
I'm looking for suggestions from the list as to a suitable textbook for a fourth-year undergraduate course in sustainable development, to be offered through a geography department…

Local Food

Alain Godbout Halifax Oct 7, 2005 12:39 pm
Would you know of literature, case studies or any resources for promoting consumer interest in local agricultural products? I believe this would be an effective use of CBSM. …


Tonya Macdonald Sydney Oct 7, 2005 11:52 am
I am currently in the process of writing a funding proposal to start an e-waste disposal site. If anyone has done this before or has valuable information that may help, please let…

Social Marketing- Relationship b/w Attitudes and Behaviour

Liam Farrelly coburg Oct 6, 2005 20:57 pm
Hi I have been trying to organise a forum at my localGreenbranch in regards to social marketing/campaining, particuarly in regards to the relationship between attitudes and b…

Encouraging and Recognising Urban Gardens for Habitat

Andrew Smith Oct 6, 2005 19:20 pm
Hello listserve members, In Tasmania we are looking at developing a program that recognises gardeners who consider and encourage wildlife to use their gardens (Gardens for W…
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