Prompting Dog Owners to Pick Up Dog Droppings

Jason, L. A., Zolik, E. S., & Matese, F. J. (1979). Prompting dog owners to pick up dog droppings. American Journal of Community Psychology, 7, 3, 339-351.
The present study investigated daily dog droppings and the amount picked up by owners in an urban area. In addition, two behavioral strategies (signs, instructions plus modeling)…

Decreasing Dog Litter: Behavioral Consultation to Help a Community Group

Jason, L. A., McCoy, K., Blanco, D., & Zolik, E. S. (1980). Decreasing dog litter: Behavioral consultation to help a community group. Evaluation Review, 4, 3, 355-369.
Describes a collaborative effort between a community group and a university group of community psychologists seeking to improve the excessive depositing of dog feces on sidewalks …

Follow-Up Data on Two Dog-Litter Reduction Interventions

Jason, L. A. & Zolik, E. S. (1980). Follow-up data on two dog-litter reduction interventions. American Journal of Community Psychology, 8, 6, 737-741.
Conducted a follow-up of 2 studies by the 1st author et al . The behavioral technology techniques used to reduce dog litter were successful, particularly in the 2nd study, which i…
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