Consumer Evaluation of Recycled Products

Mobley, A. S., Painter, T. S., Untch, E. M. & Unnava, H. R. (1995). Consumer evaluation of recycled products. Psychology and Marketing, 12, 3, 165-176.
Investigated 89 university students' evaluation of products regarding whether they were recycled vs nonrecycled, new vs established brand name, and related vs not related to perso…

Factors that Affect Attitudes towards and Participation in Mandated Curbside Recycling Programs

Phillips, E. L. Jr. (1994). Factors that affect attitudes towards and participation in mandated curbside recycling programs. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 54, 11-A,

Analysis of Consumer Attitudes in Michigan about Products Containing Recycled Materials

Lai, M. j. (1991). Analysis of consumer attitudes in Michigan about products containing recycled materials. Dissertation Abstracts International, 52, 6-B,

Middle-Income African-Americans and Household Hazardous Waste Management: Designing Messages for Adult Environmental Education

Harper, K. M. (1999). Middle-income African-Americans and household hazardous waste management: Designing messages for adult environmental education. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering., 59, 7-B,
The purpose of this study was to (1) explore the awareness and behavior of middle-income African American parents regarding the identification, storage, and disposal of household …

Littering Behavior in Public Places

Robinson, S. N. (1976). Littering behavior in public places. Environment and Behavior, 8, 3, 363-384.
Reviews and summarizes the present state of knowledge concerning littering behavior by categorizing available studies according to 4 major variables that influence littering--demo…

Littering: A New Unobtrusive Measure of Attitude

Cialdini, R. B. & Baumann, D. J. (1981). Littering: A new unobtrusive measure of attitude. Social Psychology Quarterly, 44, 3, 254-259.
In Exp I, 227 voters' choices of presidential candidate were assessed, and their decisions to litter a parking lot with a campaign flier placed on their car windshield were observ…

Ecologically Friendly Buying--Theoretical Implications of a Phenomenological Perspective

Soler, C. (1996). Ecologically friendly buying--theoretical implications of a phenomenological perspective. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 12, 3, 275-289.
Presents an alternative approach to the study of ecologically friendly buying. The results of an empirical pilot study of 47 consumers are presented, showing that personal experie…

Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Agricultural Workers toward Disposable Protective Coveralls

Perkins, H. M., Crown, E. M., Rigakis, K. B. & Eggertson, B. S. (1992). Attitudes and behavioral intentions of agricultural workers toward disposable protective coveralls. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 11, 1, 67-73.
Examined the behavior intentions (BVIs) of 244 grain farmers (aged 22-65 yrs) regarding the use of disposable coveralls using M. Fishbein and I. Ajzen's (1980) theory of reasoned …

The Effects of Environmental Attitudes on Apparel Purchasing Behavior

Butler, S. M. & Francis, S. (1997). The effects of environmental attitudes on apparel purchasing behavior. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 15, 2, 76-85.
Employed a theoretical framework that focuses on endogenous and exogenous conditions that affect attitudes and behavior. The final sample of 402 women resulted from a national ran…

Attitudes toward Managing Hazardous Waste: What Should be Cleaned Up and Who Should Pay for it?

Baron, J., Gowda, R. & Kunreuther, H. (1993). Attitudes toward managing hazardous waste: What should be cleaned up and who should pay for it?. Risk Analysis, 13, 2, 183-192.
Assessed attitudes toward the hazardous waste policy in the US of 60 chief executive officers of oil and chemical companies, 57 economists, 94 environmentalists, 29 experts on haz…

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