Analysis and Synthesis of Research on Responsible Environmental Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Hines, J. M., Hungerford, H. R., & Tomera, A. N. (1987). Analysis and synthesis of research on responsible environmental behavior: A meta-analysis. Journal of Environmental Education, 18, 2, 1-8.
Conducted a meta-analysis of environmental behavior research that was undertaken in an attempt to determine which variable or variables are most influential in motivating individu…

The Effects of an Environmental Studies Course on the Defensibility of Environmental Attitudes

Kinsey, T. G., & Wheatley, J. H. (1984). The effects of an environmental studies course on the defensibility of environmental attitudes. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 21, 7, 675-683.
Evaluated whether students used information learned in environmental studies (ES) courses to support their stated attitudes toward environmental issues in a 2-phase study based on…

Tin Recycling: Awareness, Comprehension, Attitude, Intention and Behavior

Kok, G., & Siero, S. (1985). Tin recycling: Awareness, comprehension, attitude, intention and behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 6, 2, 157-173.
Investigated factors that influence participation in a tin-recycling program. Three theoretical viewpoints are integrated in a stepwise model of participation: (1) attitude change…

Ecological Knowledge and Perception of Environmental Modifiability

Levenson, H. (1974). Ecological knowledge and perception of environmental modifiability. American Psychologist, 29, 4, 274-275.
Comments that, in a study by M. P. Maloney and M. P. Ward (see PA, Vol 51:5007) that presented an objective scale for measuring ecological attitudes and knowledge, Maloney and War…

Impact of Education, Age, Newspapers, and Television on Environmental Knowledge, Concerns, and Behaviors

Ostman, R. E., & Parker, J. L. (1987). Impact of education, age, newspapers, and television on environmental knowledge, concerns, and behaviors. Journal of Environmental Education, 19, 1, 3-9.
Investigated the connections between environmental knowledge, concerns, and behaviors, by conducting a telephone survey of 336 residents of Ithaca, New York. Respondents' educatio…

Implications of Attitude and Behavior Research for Environmental Conservation

Newhouse, N. (1990). Implications of attitude and behavior research for environmental conservation. Journal of Environmental Education, 22, 1, 26-32.
Discusses the difficulties of changing both behavior and motivations to generate more environmentally responsible behavior from people. The study of attitude and behavior suggests…

Environmental Education and Environmental Attitudes

Pettus, A. (1976). Environmental education and environmental attitudes.. Journal of Environmental Education, 8, 1, 48-51.

Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes

Arbuthnot, J. (1974). Environmental knowledge and recycling behavior as a fuction of attitudes and personality characteristics. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1, 1, 119-121.

Factors Influencing Household Recycling Behavior

Oskamp, S., Harrington, M. J., Edwards, T. C., Sherwood, D. L., Okuda, S. M., & Swanson, D. C. (1991). Factors influencing household recycling behavior. Environment and Behavior, 23, 4, 494-519.
Conducted telephone interviews to study the recycling behavior, attitudes, and knowledge of 221 adults in a suburban city that had begun a citywide curbside recycling program with…

Studies of Individual Environmental Concern: The Role of Knowledge, Gender, and Background Variables

Schahn, J., & Holzer, E. (1990). Studies of individual environmental concern: The role of knowledge, gender, and background variables. Environment and Behavior, 22, 6, 767-786.
Analyzed the interplay of environmentally relevant knowledge, attitudes, and behavior as well as gender differences in environmental concern and the role of demographic variables …

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