Public Concerns about LLRW Facility Siting: A Comparative Study. Special Issue: Risk and Culture

Vari, A., Kemp, R., & Mumpower, J. L. (1991). Public concerns about LLRW facility siting: A comparative study. Special Issue: Risk and culture. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 22, 1, 83-102.
Performed a comparative analysis of public concerns about siting low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal facilities in the US, the UK, and Hungary. Analysis was based on publi…

Public Reactions to Nuclear Waste: Citizens' Views of Repository Siting

Dunlap, R. E., Kraft, M. E. & Rosa, E. A. (1993). Public reactions to nuclear waste: Citizens' views of repository siting. (pp. 332). Durham and London: Duke University Press.

Siting a Fully Integrated Waste Management Facility in Alberta

McQuaid-Cook, J., & Simpson, K. J. (1986). Siting a fully integrated waste management facility in Alberta. Hazardous Waste Management, 36, 9, 1031-1036.
The development of a special (hazardous) waste management system is well under way in Alberta, Canada, and completion of an integrated treatment and disposal facility near Swan Hi…

Lessons from Ryley: Community Involvement in Hazardous Waste. Notes on a Presentation to Canadian Federation of Municipalities

Whitfield, D. H. (June 12, 1989). Lessons from Ryley: Community involvement in hazardous waste. Notes on a presentation to Canadian Federation of Municipalities. (pp. 1-11). Vancouver, British Columbia:
The citizens of Ryley (a village east of Edmonton) were the first known to have the courage to say yes to the concept of a hazardous waste treatment facility in their community. …

Human Disposition toward Hazards: Testing the Environmental Appraisal Inventory

Fridgen, C. (1994). Human disposition toward hazards: Testing the Environmental Appraisal Inventory. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 14, 2, 101-111.
Expands work by F. N. Schmidt and R. Gifford on the Environmental Appraisal Inventory (EAI) by testing it on a larger population, adding 4 human-generated environmental threats (E…

Attitudes toward Managing Hazardous Waste: What Should be Cleaned Up and Who Should Pay for it?

Baron, J., Gowda, R. & Kunreuther, H. (1993). Attitudes toward managing hazardous waste: What should be cleaned up and who should pay for it?. Risk Analysis, 13, 2, 183-192.
Assessed attitudes toward the hazardous waste policy in the US of 60 chief executive officers of oil and chemical companies, 57 economists, 94 environmentalists, 29 experts on haz…

Middle-Income African-Americans and Household Hazardous Waste Management: Designing Messages for Adult Environmental Education

Harper, K. M. (1999). Middle-income African-Americans and household hazardous waste management: Designing messages for adult environmental education. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering., 59, 7-B,
The purpose of this study was to (1) explore the awareness and behavior of middle-income African American parents regarding the identification, storage, and disposal of household …

Managing Horse Manure

listmaster October 17, 2008 12:23 PM
"Grant, Don" wrote: Hi all,  We are looking for ideas and or solutions on what to do with horse manure for an urban client. We are also keen to learn about what not to d…

Coral Reefs Contaminated with Cement

eggzos October 16, 2008 11:58 AM
Hi, My organization is facilitating a series of environmental impact assessment on thousands of cement bags thrown into the coral reef when the cargo vessel was hit by a storm.…

Disposal of Old Meds

Joanie LIebman Westcliffe June 22, 2008 07:28 PM
I am wondering what is the best way of disposing of old meds. I've just read an email with varying different recommendations, with all but one going into a land fill. Won't that e…

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