Implementing Garbage User Fees in Ontario

RCO Workshop Proceedings (1996). Implementing garbage user fees in Ontario. Toronto, ON: Recycling Council of Ontario.

A Multilevel Analysis of the Determinants of Recycling Behavior in European Countries

Guerin, Daniel ; Crete, Jean; Mercier, Jean (2001). A multilevel analysis of the determinants of recycling behavior in European countries.. Social Science Research, 30, 2, 195-218.
Discussed a multilevel modeling approach for conservation behavior. The main objective of the study was to permit a better understanding of recycling as a function of both individ…

Consumer Research Survey: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Purchase of Recycled-Content Products

King County commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials & Atwood, A. M. (1994). Consumer research survey: Knowledge, attitudes, and purchase of recycled-content products. King County Commission for Marketing Recyclable Materials.

Blue Box 2000: Breaking 50

(1995). Blue Box 2000: Breaking 50. Trenton, ON: Centre & South Hastings Recycling Board.

Predicting Purchase Intentions for an Environmentally Sensitive Product

Alwitt, L. F., & Pitts, R. E. (1996). Predicting purchase intentions for an environmentally sensitive product.. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 5, 1, 49-64.
Expressions of positive attitudes toward the environment are only weakly related to the consumption of alternatives to products that are environmentally (EVY) unfriendly. Yet, soc…

GVRD Waste Reduction Reuse & Recycling Attitudes Residential Telephone Survey

Angus Reid Group, Inc. (1996). GVRD waste reduction reuse & recycling attitudes residential telephone survey.

Making Source Reduction and Reuse Work in your Community: A Manual for Local Governments

(1996). Making source reduction and reuse work in your community: A manual for local governments. Alexandria, VA: National Recycling Coalition, Source Reduction Forum.

Using Verbal and Visual Prompts to Control Littering in High Schools

Houghton, S. (1993). Using verbal and visual prompts to control littering in high schools. Educational Studies, 19, 3, 247-254.
Investigated the use of verbal and visual prompts to control litter behavior of students in 2 Western Australian high schools. 1,750 students participated in the study. Data were …

Intrinsic Satisfaction Derived from Office Recycling Behavior: A Case Study in Taiwan

Lee, Y.-J., de Young, R. (1994). Intrinsic satisfaction derived from office recycling behavior: A case study in Taiwan. Social Indicators Research, 31, 1, 63-76.
Examined the dimensionality of intrinsic satisfaction (INS) and, using a path analysis technique, explored the causal relationships between INS and office recycling behavior (ORB)…

Lessons from Ryley: Community Involvement in Hazardous Waste. Notes on a Presentation to Canadian Federation of Municipalities

Whitfield, D. H. (June 12, 1989). Lessons from Ryley: Community involvement in hazardous waste. Notes on a presentation to Canadian Federation of Municipalities. (pp. 1-11). Vancouver, British Columbia:
The citizens of Ryley (a village east of Edmonton) were the first known to have the courage to say yes to the concept of a hazardous waste treatment facility in their community. …

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